Since attending my first wedding at the age of 7, my own wedding dream began.  It is nothing different from any other little girl’s dream:  everything should be perfect, like Cinderella’s happy ending.  I am living my own wedding dream while waiting for my prince charming.  I have lived the happy endings of so many of my clients through their own “Cinderella” fairy tale. I believe that you should be a true reflection of who you are, without forgetting to live your childhood dream.

I have 12 years experience in the wedding industry and 10 years in the salon.  I graduated in 2000 and started my journey with humble beginnings.  In 2008 I decided to follow my childhood dream and set up my own home salon and focus on the wedding industry.  I have been very successful and are still enjoying making others look and feel good about themselves.

I have big dreams for 2013 and believe that I will make greater strides in the trade.